La Despensa

La Despensa is a unified team comprised of many individuals, and 2 dogs.

Individuals that really want to, and truly take pleasure in their work.

We believe in ideas, in the type of advertising we perceive as unexplored territory where we can discover new and fascinating things. The world is changing, and advertising along with it, and we delight in forming an active part of that.

We believe that great results are the products of great people. That is why we search for exceptional people with outstanding ideas.

There is an energy is present in our offices. We believe in positive energy. We believe in the things we do. We are persistent. We don’t stop, we experiment. We are fearless. We think that everything is possible, all you have to do is believe.

We are some of the lucky few who are able to do what we love. What is important is not what we have done already, but all that we will accomplish next.

Peace, love, and hugs of light for everyone.