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Share your energy


Energy company EDP sponsors Spain's top races and enthusiastically supports all runners. But we realized that there are some who aren't able to get out and run whenever they want: the visually impaired. However, many runners want to share their energy with those who need it.

Enter Share Your Energy (Comparte tu energía), the first online platform that pairs visually impaired individuals who want to run with guide runners. The platform matches runners based on personal profiles and where and when they run.

Created in collaboration with La Once (Spanish National Organization for the Blind) and FEDC (Spanish Federation of Sports for the Blind), the platform is 100% accessible and optimized for audio for the visually impaired.

  • El Sol de bronce
  • Ojo de Iberoamérica de bronce
We communicate Share Your Energy through a equally accessible digital video: it can only be seen with the eyes closed. Visit this link for the full experience.

In addition, world champion and Olympic athlete Martín Fiz is not only the face of the campaign, but also joined the initiative as a guide and speaker on the platform at each of the races sponsored by EDP.