Adidas Originals x Boiler Room


Adidas Originals organized the first Boiler Room in Madrid and our mission was to create a promotion to give away 50 invitations. Recreating that legendary anonymous call that would announce where and when a rave would be held, we created a virtual phone booth on Facebook with a dynamic that created a real stir in the hipster world: people had to spend 60 seconds with their webcam turned on, waiting for the phone to ring. If it rang, they won a ticket; if not, they could book another minute. The best thing was that everyone could see this moment thanks to a complex video-broadcasting system, which got people hooked and really sent the booth viral.

  • CdeC Anuario
Our Roles

To publicize our booth and invite people to book their minute, we made a video with 5 of the most followed influencers among the target where they symbolically waited for their call.