All against the void

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The La Caixa Foundation carries out a Milk Collection programme every year in favour of Food Banks; however, society is not aware of the scale of this problem. Therefore, with the help of Lyona, we illustrated the great void that the lack of milk leaves in younger children through the story of two characters: Rita and Void. And we created a book, the first to be bought with litres of milk.

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The lack of milk creates a void in the lives of children that we could only fill up with the help of everyone.

In Spain, over 220,000 children do not have the milk they need for their growth, and this does not only create a void in their stomach, but also affects many areas of their lives. However, the vast majority of society is not aware of this problem. We had to make the invisible visible.

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Rita and Void have helped us to explain how the lack of milk affects the lives of children.

We spent time with many of the families that receive support from La Caixa. We created our characters with their statements and the help of Lyona, with Rita representing each of those children who do not have access to milk.

“Representing the void is not easy. It's the first time I have to draw something that should not exist” Lyona

Being with the children and their families and spending time with them was the most worthwhile experience. Also, the day of the shooting was the birthday of one of our team and we all ended up eating cake!

We created a 360 campaign and anyone who wanted could donate and get the book through our website and in La Caixa offices. The first book to be bought with litres of milk. And this is how it finally became a story that people adopted as their own.

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