Always Hope

Médicos del Mundo

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world needed a message of hope. That is why we joined Médicos del Mundo, who know a lot about this after 30 years fighting diseases, inequalities and injustices.


We listened to the stories of overcoming and the experiences of the organisation’s volunteers, and put them in contact with those who would know best how to tell them: 100 acclaimed film directors as important as Tony Kaye (American History X) or Javier Fesser (Champions) and artists from countries such as Palestine, Iran, South Korea, Australia, Namibia, Lithuania, Peru, Lebanon, Canada, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Colombia, China, New Zealand, United States or Spain. 

Our Roles

A unique symbiosis.


Inspired by video-call conversations with volunteers from the organisation, in which they could hear first-hand experiences about refugees and people affected by Ebola or prostitution, each artist contributed an image sequence to produce an audiovisual piece, capturing the meaning of hope in a single shot. The theme song The birth and death of the day by the band Explosions in the Sky was brought to life by putting all those scenes together.


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Imagen Imagen

More than 8 months of a very ambitious project carried out in the midst of a pandemic that has resulted in an emotional and inspiring audiovisual piece.

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