Amor de madre


Because a mother is much more than just a mother.

Right on the 29 April 2022, right on Mother’s Day, Netflix premiered its new comedy Amor de madre. A movie to have a few good laughs to, starring Carmen Machi (Mari Carmen) and Quim Gutiérrez (José Luis). José Luis, Quim’s character, is left standing at the altar and his controlling mother Mari Carmen decides to go with him on the honeymoon that had already been paid for.

On this crazy trip, José Luis realises that he didn’t really know his mother, who until that moment he had only seen as a mother and not as the wonderful woman he discovers she is. Does that ring a bell?

That powerful insight is what we used to develop the messages of an outdoor and digital campaign. Moreover, we created an exclusive event for mothers and children, and even branded content in one of the most.watched programmes on television.

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A campaign with EVERYTHING you don’t know about your mother.


It’s just that we think that our mothers have only been that: mothers. But that’s just not true: they’ve always known, and still know, how to have a really good time and get up to all the things that their kids get up to. Because above all, a mother is a woman with her hopes, her dreams and her fantasies.

And as the campaign went a long way and we were in the midst of the April Fair in Seville, we created some messages for all the fair-goers. Because if there’s one place where we’ve all done everything, it’s a Fair, and our mother’s weren’t going to be left out.

We even created the “Mother’s Love Dating Room” a restaurant to have a date with the genuine mother of your life.

We know very little about the lives of our mothers and it was necessary to fix this. That’s why we created the “Mother’s Love Dating Room”, a restaurant in which mothers and their children could go on a date to ask each other everything they wanted and get to know each other better. In our Dating Room everything was arranged so that the guests didn’t leave anything out, a maitre d’ willing to get the most juice out of the questions, the fabulous Ana Milán;
A menu created by the star chef Dani García and his mother, with suggestive dishes like “¿how many boyfriends did you have before you got married with foie yoghurt, port and parmesan”; and even a salsa quartet that livened up the event including in its songs questions like “what’s the most drunk you’ve ever been?” among other hits.

And now that you’re going to find out truths about your mother, let’s do it big on television!


As a climax, if we’re talking about dates to get to know each other better, we had to be on the television programme that’s been doing this for many years, First Dates.


That’s why we proposed doing branded content in which we changed the dynamic of the programme and, instead of arranging a romantic date between two strangers, we created the first date between a mother and child in the history of reality TV.

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It’s just that it’s high time we got to know a bit better the person who knows us best.