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Welcome to the drinks revolution at the hands of Beefeater and Dabiz Muñoz, where we were able to decontextualize the liquid and mix it with stories, creativity, magic and provocation, inviting the spectator to embark on a journey to a unique destination: liquid transformation.

  • Evento Plus Oro
  • Gran premio Evento Plus

A journey through the mind and body that reinterpreted the Ulysses’ Odyssey based on the experience of the chef.

We created an immersive theater experience in the center of Madrid, which sold out within the first week.


A world created in the Palacio de Gaviria to awaken the senses in which each spectator wrote their own play creating their own path. As many paths as spectators...
A 50 minute journey guided by the same bewitching Circe through Bangkok, Bombay, Venice, New York and finally London, in which the Dabiz experience could be tasted in 9 cocktails.


1 month of the experience
+ 5000 tickets sold
Sold Out in the first week


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“There is no bad transformation. There is no change that doesn’t shake our heads and there is no point being crazy in a world full of crazy people”

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We later created a virtual reality film which took the journey of the hero beyond the physical space, inviting the spectators to live the story from within.

Chew, aspire, suck, hear, smell and feel.

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Liquid transformation has arrived with Beefeater to reinvent the way we drink with every sip (and transforming ourselves a little too).