Burger King

Freedom to breastfeed anywhere shouldn’t pose a problem, but too many news articles reveal that mothers and their children of breastfeeding age aren’t welcome in all places. Many women have been criticized for breastfeeding in public places. Almost 40% of them feel uncomfortable. Burger King, with its Your Way philosophy, had to take a stand and assist in remedying a situation that discriminates against an important section of society. We support all mothers and we make it clear that our doors are open to everybody.

To normalize breastfeeding in public, we created Menú Baby King, and we launched it by hacking into existing BK advertisements.

We’re expanding our message by spreading it on social networks and a press event where we quote from the news media. We show the video where we relate how, for three months, we put real mothers breastfeeding their babies in Burger King spots.
Unconsciously, everybody had taken it with absolute naturalness, an attitude we wish to promote from our more than 850 restaurants in Spain and Portugal. Witnessing people’s reactions, we can say our chests swell with pride.
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Finally we’ve done our bit towards ending this obsolete vision of maternity.