Burning Man

La Despensa

Experiencing something that changes your life isn’t the same as experiencing it with 51 people and having all your lives changed. That’s what our journey to Burning Man was like. We could call it team building, an introspective journey, controlled chaos or an astral experience... but sharing a week in this desert with your colleagues is something that will change your life. The artist and filmmaker Juan Rayos accompanied us as a member of the team. Together, we’ve shot a unique documentary that shows how these 51 persons became dust, and just flowed...

A magical place that changed us from the inside (and was visible on the outside), making us implode, changing our thought patterns, and a week later, made us more open, more awake, more us.

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When we returned from the desert (with sand all over us still), we created Paella Cosmos, a space where you can enjoy our documentary much more. The journalist and presenter Mona León Siminiani added poetry and voice to the photographic gems we brought back with us.


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And Cristina García Rodero, without a doubt the best photographer in Spain, really captured our good side.

Apart from some crazy life experiences, we came back with something more...

5.000 photos like WTF
35 torn tutus
30 kg of sand
80.000 new friends
2.000 hugs from strangers

Wanna burn with us?

Other agencies offer normal internships. We were looking for someone to take us to the desert of Black Rock City. Just like that. But it couldn’t be just anybody. It had to someone as creatively hungry and as mad as us.

And then we met Octavio, a tattoo artist from the Canary Islands. No sooner had he applied than we just knew it HAD TO BE HIM. Upon our return, obviously, he tattooed us all.

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If you want to know what the desert has in store for you, you’ll have to go there. All we can tell you is.

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