If there is anything cooler for a company than to fiercely defend the great value it holds, it is to give it a special and memorable name and to make it its own. That is precisely the work that we have developed in recent years with Aegon, the insurance company specialising in health and life products, in order to position it as a company that is truly focused on a personal and close treatment towards its customers.


After a strategic shift in its communication, Aegon relied on us to launch a new campaign focused on its main advantage: the personal treatment that clients receive with each of the services it provides. And we did so with a commercial that paid tribute to the people who are always accompanying their loved ones in illness and who favour their recovery with their support and affection. We knew we couldn't replace them, but we could learn from them. Thus, #Cariñoterapia was born.

A private brand philosophy


With this campaign, Aegon placed affection at the very centre and promised to always be there whenever a client needs it, with the same peace and affection you would get from a family member.
For this reason, the “Always with you” brand concept was translated as “being there before, during and after the treatment” in this campaign. The way the people who care for us do.



Cariñoterapia became a different way (and made in Aegon) of understanding insurance


Based on the smash hit of the first campaign, #Cariñoterapia had come to stay. Such powerful intangible asset —noticeable despite being invisible and priceless despite being cost-free— is what differentiated Aegon from other companies, and we had to say it very loud and clear in its second campaign.


Because we know that being is not the same as caring, or that answering is not the same as serving. This difference has a name in Aegon, and that is #Cariñoterapia, or in other words, doing things always thinking about what is best for the client and their loved ones first.

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Honesty behind the scenes


A spot that was made with real people, many of them being family members, to reinforce the emotional connection in certain situations that we all experience daily. A spot made with a lot of human warmth despite the safety distances that had to be met.


A path that has only just begun by adding a new meaning to health insurance, and a new word in our dictionary too!

Long live the #Cariñoterapia.