Dangerous Clothing

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It was practically impossible for Amnesty International Spain to raise funds to continue reporting human rights violations during the country’s economic crisis. Which is why we came up with a completely different donation campaign: Dangerous Clothing.

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Dangerous Clothing, the world’s most expensive fashion collection.


Garments that cost very little here, but wearing them in other countries could cost you your life: from a scarf featuring the gay flag to a swimsuit with the inverted Cuban flag.
Ten pieces of clothing that told real stories of people or groups who are victims of torture, abuse, lack of freedom of expression, repression of sexual orientation, the death penalty, etc.
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An example: buying a scarf with the colors of the gay flag will cost you 23.95 euros. Wearing it in public in some African countries can cost you jail time.

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Carlos Gala designed the collection and modern dancers from the Mariemma Royal Professional Dance Conservatory were the models. All volunteered for the job.


All sales went to Amnesty's tireless struggle for human rights and helped spread its message every time someone wore one of the garments.
The fashion show was also a success, rivaling the world’s top fashion weeks, and the news was carried by major media outlets to reach +19 million people.
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Who would have thought that Amnesty International would one day have its own collection of charity clothing...