Do not Let Anything Keep You From Sleeping


The goal of this campaign was to make Pikolin stick out as the brand of choice amongst the competition in an unconventional manner. Our starting point was a simple insight: the best mattress in the world is no match for loud noises. So we launched the Acoustic Health Awareness Campaign by Pikolin. It was a campaign aimed at people that wanted to sleep well, so we did everything we could including an ambient action, direct marketing press kit, documentary, website, music video and a special offer.

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For the launch of the Acoustic Health Awareness Campaign, we wanted to reach people in a funny way that they could relate to. So we made a music video of a man who could not sleep because of all the noise from his neighbors. It ended up being one of the most watched videos in March on Youtube Spain with 85.000 visits, and was published in over 100 blogs according to and was the topic of debate in numerous round table discussions and national TV programs.

To attract the press we came up with an innovative and attention grabbing press invitation. We sent them a scale model of the building with a special window which when opened would begin to play all the street noise that keeps you awake at night. Twenty five different press representatives came to the presentation. Pikolin gained notoriety appearing in nearly 60 different media outlets across Spain as the leader or a campaign to raise awareness again noise pollution. Brand recall went up by 70% and sales increased nearly 40% during the month that the campaign was active.

We chose a building in the noisiest nightlife area of Madrid to exemplify the insight behind the campaign. We also decided to do an experiment there: we completely soundproofed the building and measured the decibel levels before and after the soundproofing. To communicate the campaign we hung posters on the building itself. That way, whoever passed by this heavily trafficked area of Madrid could see a building that had been soundproofed by a mattress brand that wanted to demonstrate its dedication against sound pollution, supporting the people that want to sleep and enjoy their Pikolin mattress.


On the campaign microsite you could visit street of the Pikolin building and experience the noise suffered by its residents during the day or at night, depending on the time you entered the website. What’s more, users could also find out the opinions of the residents and the benefits of acoustic health and take part in a noise map of Spain where they could report their particular cases. Pikolin chose two of these case studies to star in its next campaign.