Burger King

If there’s one thing that we love at La Despensa, it’s dogs. Every time you come here you can see Paco “the CEO dog”, Boris, Bruno or the exotic Yuzu. So when Burger King said to us that they wanted to promote a home delivery service, we knew one thing for sure: there is nothing like comfortably enjoying your favorite hamburger at home, but when you have a dog it’s never that simple...

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We're not the only ones that say this

A study on dogs at home was launched in order to ensure us that this observation was real. And it was: 65% of dog owners end up sharing their food with their dogs. Who can say no to their little faces?
It’s a universal insight that the more than 160 million families that have dogs at home all share. That is why the campaign was also launched in the USA. Here, the spot song “Always on My Mind”, is a complete anthem.
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Ale Burset is the photographer of the most covers of Lurzer’s Archive, and he knew how to get the best out of each dog: sad puppy faces, faces of “I’ll die if you don’t give me some” and faces of “I deserve some, I deserve some”.

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The bones were delivered with the order. We started with just one weekend and 1,000 Dogppers; but that was not enough, people went crazy and we had to make 24,000 bones for Spain alone and extend the promotion for an entire month. Woof!

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Special Thanks to the dogs at La Despensa.