El Sereno Returns

Cafés La Estrella

The figure of the Sereno (a man who in olden times in Spain would walk around the neighborhood with a set of keys to all the houses, so if you came home late without keys, you could call out for him to come and open your door) came back for 15 days thanks to Cafés La Estrella. He first reappeared in the Chamberí Market, where an amiable César Pérez, the true Sereno in the capital until 1967, and Roberto García, the young man that would be the Sereno in Chamberí for the next two weeks, met.

The new Sereno, instead of wearing the typical jacket and carrying a whistle, carried a mobile phone and an iPad. He completed tasks such as: help locals find stores or cash machines, look for taxis, give emergency notices, call locksmiths or carry shopping bags.

The campaign served to launch the new aim for the brand, good things live on, and was the start of the 1887 Movement whose purpose is to rescue those beloved traditions from the past that should never have been forgotten in the first place.

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