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Life is much harder for women. War, unemployment, poverty… Society is much tougher with them. And despite how serious it is, it is a chronic and silent problem. To awaken society to the issue we turned it into something the world really fears: a pandemic. We created the first social, not biological virus, that attacks women's health. And we sent a report to the WHO so that they could include it on the list of illnesses causing alarm.

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Half the world’s population
is under threat

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The EVA virus is a social rather than biological virus that affects women's health just for being women

Médicos del Mundo has been working with women in vulnerable situations for over 28 years and the conclusion is clear: society is tougher with them. But how can we combat something that kills more than Ebola or the flu virus? By giving it a name and presenting it in documentary form as it is: a global pandemic.


We documented cases with a medical team and sent a report to the WHO so that they would recognise it as an illness causing alarm

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We are in alert phase 6. It is a global pandemic. The ability to stop it is in our hands.

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Mariama, Violet, Paula, María, Benita and Gladis… All women who have told us their story and are the protagonists of this campaign. Women we’ll admire forever

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