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This was our challenge: incentivise micro-donations by spreading awareness among young people to end global hunger. Yes, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. So we put our heads together, and we realised that we live in a society where every day we get messages telling us what’s healthy eating and what isn’t, what’s the best diet and what lifestyle we should follow. A society where zero calorie products flood the market. And while we go crazy trying to get rid of those kilos, people in other countries can’t even satisfy their daily calorie requirement. So we said: That’s it! White, and in a can.

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Give is the first zero-calorie soft drink for you and full of calories for others.


A soft drink that you can buy, but you’ll never get it. Because with your help, all 1500 Kcal of Give go directly to feed children in countries such as Ethiopia.


And where are the young people?


On social networks, that’s why we advertised Give just like a soft drink on Instagram and Facebook and we “sold” the can with a very current visual code. Very millennial stories and posts to capture the targets’ attention and to redirect them directly to the website to donate.


For the first time, we’ve made a 1500 kcal soft drink that’s actually good for you.

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