Goal Games


Budweiser is the official energy sponsor of the World Cup.
And if there’s a moment when we waste energy is when we watch football. We scream and we shout as if we could change anything. So we thought “What if we could use those shouts for something?” Then we had the idea of developing three games rendered with WebGL technology for mobiles, where we change the usual interface and employ the user’s energy and voice to play the game. Now that’s a challenge for fans and for us. We’ve also integrated a chatbot into these three voice controlled games, so the user can redeem their accumulated Budweiser points. How? Scroll down to find out!

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With WebGL technology for mobiles, we created 3 games where, for the first time, the user’s voice acts as the controller.

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Game 1: Set the field on fire

Shout as much you can to make the wave go all around the football field. How many turns can you manage?

Game 2: Set the game on fire

Use your voice to aim in the best possible direction. Keep shouting Goal! to score. You’ve got 5 shots! Will you lose your voice? To win, you have to shout Goal!

Game 3: Set the song on fire

There’s no team without an anthem but... What if you had to maintain the rhythm under control? We replaced the lyrics with the word Goal, and users must sing it without missing a single note. We’ve managed to play the audio at the same time that your voice controls the game.

And even though our national team couldn’t get past the last 16, we still managed to get to the final and overcome this technological challenge.


• 3D optimisation for mobile with WebGL technology • Compatible with iOS and Android • Voice-user interface and simultaneous audio playback • 360 degree operation with accelerometer • Chatbot Integration in Facebook to monitor the awarding and redeeming of points • No apps to download • Takes advantage of the native features of mobiles • Many, many voices lost •



Doesn’t this make you want to play? Warm up your throat, practice your Goal! and click here