Cabify has experienced a 500% growth in Spain and many, many problems with its main competitors. We had a clear goal for the brand's first communication campaign in Spain—proving that we are not the enemy and that the future of mobility in cities lies in building it together. There is space for everyone.

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The conversation that stopped a war and could change the future of mobility in cities.

We created a transmedia campaign with a special digital focus, inviting competitors and politicians to set their differences aside and talk about how to defeat our common enemies: pollution, lack of space and mass traffic.

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The shooting was kept a secret. Nobody in the team could name the brand, our WhatsApp group was called "the bird is in the nest", and we did not even write Cabify on the clapperboards!

Thousands of people joined the conversation with the hashtag #haciadóndenosmovemos, turning it into an organic trending topic.

For the first time, we managed to bring together the most important stakeholders of mobility in an event which was broadcast through streaming. UBER was the first to sign up, and representatives from the government and the main opposition party also joined the discussion.
Additionally, we designed a strategy on Twitter to answer all the comments that we knew would arise, directing everyone who brought out false information and hoaxes to the real information and denying many of the rumours about the brand.

And how did this move turn out for us? Well, it couldn't have gone any better. Cabify moved from having no voice to leading the conversation about the future of mobility. And most importantly, nobody came to beat us up.

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