I am Heritage 2020


2020 has been the worst year for the hostelry because of the COVID19 crisis. But are we really going to let our bars and restaurants close with all they have given us?

The hostelry is one of the most important sectors in our country. And it's part of our history, society and culture. All the friends you've met in bars, or the dates you've had in restaurants.

Writers like Lorca, Hemingway or Valle-Inclán have written entire books at the bar. All the scenes from films and series that take place in them.  Hundreds of singers and comedians began in these places. And our gastronomy? That can't be allowed to disappear. We do have a few hundred Michelin stars and the most varied diet in the world! Not to mention all the anecdotes that have been part of our history, like Leo Messi's first contract on a bar napkin. Or that our Constitution was debated and drafted in a bar.

A campaign to save our bars and restaurants by showing their cultural, social and historical value. Asking UNESCO to make them World Heritage Sites by 2020.

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With an official petition, and a signatures collection on the web site soypatrimonio2020.org

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A movement that was joined by more than 150 celebrities, 200,000 locals, and thousands of people.

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"Bars and restaurants are part of our culture, of our life. We associate them with the best moments. They are part of our baggage. We want them to be Heritage 2020."  




"What we all have in common these days is the desire to return to the bars. Let's hope this works out."




"My singing career started in the bars. We all have to support I'm Heritage 2020."




"I was born in a bar. We've learned in them values like sharing, hospitality, solidarity, patience and optimism. We've taken it so seriously, we should be Heritage 2020."