I like the way you Blu


Vaping is fashionable, and even though we are timeless, we were chosen by the myblu brand to launch its first top-of-the-line campaign in Spain. This is a product that has come to shake up the world of vaping.

Our Roles
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I vape, you vape, he vapes

Whoever does it, vaping should not disturb people around you and should be done with a sense of style, following myblu proposal. With tonnes of style. That is why we decided to create a fashion-like campaign.

I like the way you blu

A concept that speaks of the wide myblu universe with all its choices of vapers, the endless variety of flavours and the personalised experience.
The great Paco Peregrín was the perfect photographer to portray the attitude of our protagonists, giving them that aesthetic appeal that only he can capture.
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“The consumer of this product no longer hides, and graphs are a celebration of that attitude.”

Proper colour.

Proper size.

Proper ladylike ways.