I'm More for the Three Wise Men

La Despensa

At Christmas 2007 we were called on by a very special client. The Three Wise Men themselves wanted us to created a PR campaign to help them regain the popularity that they had lost over the years. To accomplish this we had to free ourselves from a fat guy in red who was in our way: Santa Claus.

It was an infamous campaign that helped us show our clients the type of ideas that we could come up with for them. An EFI, various Sol prizes and several years later, the Three Wise Men?s rap continues to come back every Christmas just like the typical turrón.

  • Efi Oro
  • El Sol Plata
  • Fiap Bronce
Our Roles
Direct Marketing
The media had to know about our aversion to the housebreaking grandad. We sent them this Voodoo Santa Claus so that they could also have the chance to vent their wrath on him.
For a few days, half of Spain had fun at their office while listening to a rap where our childhood’s wise men settled off scores with Santa Claus. It turned, without a doubt, into the Christmas Carol of the year. Sin duda alguna se convirtió en el villancico de estas navidades.
The yosoydelosreyesmagos.com microsite contained all the actions generated by our pro-kings platform during the Christmas holidays. We also devised an interactive Christmas card for you to wish your friends a Merry Christmas to a rap soundtrack as they stuck a needle into a Voodoo Santa Claus. The response was spectacular: more than 150,000 visits to the site, 15,000 cards created and 9,500 needles stuck in. A great Three Kings gift for La Despensa.