Imperfect Serve


We'd been locked up for two weeks and thought we were living in a movie, while words like "pandemic" or "quarantine" rumbled in our heads. 

This situation changed our reality, and with it our way of life. 

We went from going to the gym to working out at home, from eating in restaurants to being the Instagram chefs. Our home became the epicenter of leisure, and we were able to find ways to have fun in a "new normal".

But there was one thing we couldn't do: go out for a drink. From that feeling of wanting to return to the bars, with the brand's iconic waiters, we launched a campaign with Schweppes that broke with their usual communication, in which we highlighted all those "mixing masters" that are in every house, those that we all carry inside. 

If we reinvented our routines, we could also reinvent that moment of having a drink during quarantine.

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A call to action that invited the best of us. Because even if we didn't have the perfect glass, the right ice or the right ingredient, what we did have was Schweppes to drink it our way. In the kitchen, in the living room or on the balcony, every part of our house became a place where we could enjoy Schweppes no matter if the preparation wasn't perfect. 

We've made a totally unusual production. In just 7 days, with a whole team of brand, agency and production company confined and working together to bring this project to light.
All these ingredients made this piece manage to transmit the values of the brand and the capacity we had to get the best of ourselves in that difficult moment.

We managed to acquire a casting of real people, who were directed in streaming while recording themselves in their homes with their smartphone cameras. Thanks to these conditions, the result could not be other than natural images full of charming moments.
So, we turned around the usual message of the brand making its famous "perfect serve", became for the first time, the "imperfect serve" of Schweppes.
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