Madrid Central

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

One of the City Council of Madrid’s most ambitious plans comes into force: Madrid Central. The first measure of Plan A for Air Quality and Climate Change favors pedestrians and sustainable mobility, converting the central district into a far more breathable, sustainable and habitable heart of Madrid. And we were the ones chosen to carry out their communication campaign. No big deal!

  • Laus Bronce
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A concept that talks about the direct consequences of how we treat our city: if you preserve its health and air quality, it is directly returned in your quality of life. Simple.

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The same Madrid, like never before

4 hearts designed with different organic textures to transmit the new center of Madrid, accompanied by messages that explained the main benefits: better health, more public spaces, fewer emissions and less noise.

And now what? Can I go to Madrid in my car?

We helped people draw up a mental map of the area defined as the Madrid Centro central district, along with the steps to follow for its natural day-to-day implementation.


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From the north to the south of Madrid our hearts were being talked about, as the informative and creative campaign was segmented by geographical and residency criteria and the daily relationship with the center. 

Banners, mupis, awnings, buses, billboards, digital mupis, press, cinemas, advertising spots and the big screens in Callao. We’ve got it all, ladies and gents!

From the heart of Madrid to the hearts of the people

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As with all change, defenders and detractors appeared. Those that defended Madrid Central started to share our hearts as a display of support, turning them into something iconic.