Negra y Criminal


Due to the new MINI Countryman, the engine sound have changed, thanks to the new Hybrid Pluggable engine. We had to prove that the driving experience continues being as exciting as before, and the quite engine, now allows you to enjoy new sensations that you have never experienced before.

For that reason, we created 3 sound experiences.
A brand content that you could enjoy thanks to the engine silence.

3 original episodes from “Negra y Criminal”, one of the most successful Spanish radio programs, were distributed exclusively through the platform called Podium Podcast.

We rewrote 3 classic mystery tales, and we recreated them with a high-quality sound production, that can only be enjoyed thanks to the engine silence.
We created more than 1 hour and a half of original brand content.

You can listen to the chapters here

Imagen Imagen

“The first time that a brand integrates in the Podium platform contents” - Prisa.

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22 actors.

Hour and a half
of original brand content.

More than 200.000 downloads turning these 3 chapters in the most downloaded ones ever in the history of the show.