Not alone… with you

La Casera

Summer is here and with it, photos on sailboats overflowing on Instagram, but also the campaign for La Casera! This year, one of Spaniards’ most beloved brands that has been on every worthwhile table for over 70 years, had a new and revolutionary message to shout from the rooftops: La Casera on your own is also great! Well, not totally alone, not really… because if there’s anything we like, it’s being surrounded by our loved ones with a big feast. Pass it over and drink!

La Casera fizzy soda alone?

Starring a group of friends on a terrace with a humorous focus, the campaign plays around with the shocked surprise that comes (and it will comes) when someone orders La Casera when they are alone: ‘Are you going to drink it all alone?’ If you haven’t asked this question, then you are that someone…
And that’s when a third person enters the scene to answer on behalf of the brand. Virginia Riezu – comedian, monologist and the wittiest lady around – is the f***ing star of the spot and of the 20 plus digital content pieces. Using theatrical improv, she answers the same question, creating slews of stories.
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Not alone, with you and your little ice cubes and with your lemon…

Although it’s great when you’re alone, you’ll never drink it alone. Because La Casera has had social mixing in its DNA since it was created. And even if you enjoy La Casera alone, you also do it with your friends, your neighbours or your crush from the metro… or with a bowl of gazpacho, chips or a cucumber salad… And with your ice cubes and your lemon or with whatever you want.

Kombucha, you’ve got to be kidding!


It also turns out that La Casera is the light fizzy drink that we were all looking for high and low, because we hadn’t realised that it has always been a soft drink with 0% sugar and calories. Simply ahead of its time…

Alone and with new flavours


Since nothing new was going on this year, we had a big fat one for you: new flavours! The light fizzy drink that people were going to start drinking even in the shower is now available in lemon, apple and peppermint flavours.  Go mad!

New packaging. New way to drink it. New flavours. But La Casera like always.


An educational campaign that didn’t lose even a drop of freshness, spontaneity and naturalness so characteristic of the brand in each and every one of the pieces of an enormous media plan present on TV, digital, outside and point of sale. Even on TikTok ladies!

Now you know what to say when someone asks you again about…

La Casera alone?