Protect Paradise

Cerveza Corona

Corona is born and lives in the sea, and this, its primary paradise, faces the greatest threat of all time from plastic. As part of its commitment to protect the sea, Corona launched a global initiative along with the organisation Parley for the Oceans. We were tasked with implementing it in Spain through a documentary and a street marketing action.


The first real-time documentary on the Instagram accounts of 7 influencers.

Plastic travels thousands of kilometres from one country to another through ocean currents, but people don’t know this. To raise awareness about the topic, we followed this journey to 5 destinations in the world, in the process, creating a different type of documentary.

We saw this reality through the eyes of those who travel the most. Millions of followers lived this experience simultaneously.

A documentary (or seven) narrated in a different way.

A storytelling adapted to the consumer habits of the target market, where a fragmented tale is narrated in real time through the channel of each influencer, thus making every follower a vital participant in the journey. The campaign formats were also tailored to consumer trends on social networks where each user selects when and where they want to access the content.

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The documentary was simultaneously released at the Madrid Surf Film Festival in Casa Corona, Madrid, on Corona’s YouTube channel, and on the channels of each influencer, generating a personal documentary for each.

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Apart from the documentary, we also executed a street marketing action to tell people that this problem is also Spain’s.

We always see clean beaches, clean seas, and yet we’re the second country to dump the most plastic into the Mediterranean. We had to get this point across effectively.

The ocean floor in the (not far off) future.

We recreated an ocean floor where the only surviving species is plastic and we did it by recycling the same amount of plastic that Spain dumps into the sea every 7 minutes: 600 kg.

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And after that, it was time to take action.

Every #ProtectParadise activation ended with a call to action: invite everybody to join up as volunteers for Corona beach cleanups.
We achieved our goal of cleaning 500,000 m2 of beaches thanks to 25,808 volunteers and the Corona solidarity packs that were sold and were the equivalent of cleaning metres of beach area.
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+449% increase in social media chatter
+75% positive comments
+24,16% engagement rate
22.900.397 hits
5.878.004 million views
25.808 volunteers
+2.355 kg of plastic collected
+519 international beaches
500.000 m2 of clean coastlines