Coming soon: the end of the world


Help! The meteorite was for real.

Christmas 2021 saw the release of the year's latest blockbuster "Don't Look Up" on Netflix. A new satire by Adam McKay, with a cast of actors including Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep. The plot? A meteorite threatens humanity, which, incredulous, reacts by making fun of it, looking the other way without paying attention until the last minute.

If the world is coming to an end, there must be something good about it.


That's why, for the release of the film, we wanted to look on the bright side of things in the event of the meteorite destroying the Earth. An outdoor creativity that launched different messages linked to various themes of popular culture to make humour in the face of the threat of the arrival of the meteorite and that formed an OOH campaign visible in both Madrid and Barcelona.


In addition, all the newsstands dawned with false front pages of the campaign in the main national newspapers and specialised magazines. We even made the meteorite itself fall in the Plaza del Callao, one of the busiest squares during Christmas.

Imagen Imagen

An endless list of things that will never happen again... and all of us happy as can be.


With a very cinematic language of a movie poster premiere, the headlines were present in a large circuit of marquees and billboards, where the key was to connect with moments and places. Even Netflix itself laughed at itself in some of the executions, demonstrating that as a society we turn anything into a parody. A campaign designed to be able to respond in real time to any news that might arise during the campaign. And at the very least, it brought a smile to our faces.

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Because if the meteorite really does fall this year, let's hope it catches us looking up to take the last good photo of it.