Selection Mixing Lab


“If you can choose the best and still keep the first thing you're served, that's a sin, mate”.

To relaunch Schweppes' most premium range, we had to do it with someone who knew how to choose the best. That's why we chose to mix with Pedro Alonso, who put his most playful spirit in the cocktail shaker and gave us some great moments in which, while he toasted with each of the botanical flavours of this range of Schweppes mixers, he gave us a master class in "joie de vivre" and his passion for life, his desire to experiment, select the best and taste.

If you don't know what Pedro's "Boom-Boom" is... what are you waiting for? 

 Schweppes Selection botanicals invaded the OOH campaign.


Along with the illustrator Laura Breitfeld, we created the iconicity of the campaign by designing a botanical pattern that blossomed on every billboard in the capital, on a large canvas and also in a digital content and social media campaign.

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We made the Madrid night bloom at the Schweppes Selection Mixing Lab in the Santa Barbara Palace.


This campaign wasn't just about being seen, it had to be experienced. That's why, with the campaign, we planted the seed from which the brand's biggest Brand House to date emerged. A botanical garden? A mixing lab? Both at the same time.

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“This is not just any forest, it's a forest where the best of Schweppes grows. Botanicals that mix with you to awaken sensations that were dormant. The result will be a new dawn on your palate...”

Come and see, but above all taste, touch and smell.


Containers, test tubes, cans, jars, decanters and glasses, bubbles, lemons, flowers... the Santa Barbara Palace was invaded by the magic of nature.

Chin-chin inside the Schweppes neon in Callao.


And to culminate the visit, in the great hall of the palace, we wanted everyone to be able to get inside the iconic Schweppes neon in Callao. A space where music, effervescence and the best cocktails prepared by the company's Brand Ambassadors were the stars of the show. Hinds, Carolina Durante, Kimberly Tell, Soledad Vélez, Bejo, citrus music... were the soundtrack. And Borja Cortina, Alberto Pizarro, Nagore Arregui and Diego Cabrera added a special touch to the bar with molecular mixology and cocktails with a very original twist.


Next time you're asked what tonic you want, you know what to say: the best of Schweppes.