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Energy operator EDP sponsors Spain's most relevant races and supports all runners with its energy. But we realised that some of these runners—blind runners, in particular—are not free to go out running whenever they want. However, there are many others who are eager to share their energy with those who need it most.

  • Ojo de Iberoamérica Bronce

Thus Share your energy emerges, the first online platform to connect blind runners with guide runners to go out running together.


This platform finally allows blind or visually impaired people to have access to guide runners, a figure that has never before existed at amateur levels.
The platform has been fully developed together with Once and FEDC, and it allows for people with the same personal bests, running areas and available schedule to get in touch and train together.
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We created a digital video that could only be watched with closed eyes to inform about the platform. And there was no fooling it; the video would stop if the camera detected that you had your eyes open at any point.


You can experience it yourself here.

Olympic athlete Martin Fiz was the first to join as project ambassador. The 20 shots that he had to film with his eyes closed for the campaign helped him to get in the shoes of blind runners even more so.


We gave away race numbers to all the running partners who ran together in the races sponsored by EDP.


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2,000 people signed up in 6 months

320 media appearances

+49 MM impressions


It was adapted to other countries by popular request