Nine out of every 10 women feel harassed when they go running alone. That was the outcome of the study we did with Runner’s World, highlighting the obstacles that women face. And 9 out of 10 is a lot. However, the study also revealed that over half feel safer running in a group. And more than half is a lot too. At EDP, the official running sponsor in Spain, we simply had to do something.

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We created Synchronised, a platform so that women can go running together anytime and anywhere.

A space so that women with the same schedules and in the same places can go running together. Female users can become ambassadors by creating their own races or joining the ones they are most interested in.
And also at EDP, and with the collaboration of influencer runners like Cristina Mitre, we organise official races on specific dates, like for International Women’s Day..


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We launched the platform with a campaign video where the brand was deliberately unclear, creating an air of mystery and menace.

Via a press conference held as a round table, four magnificent female runners started the conversation with the media, speaking out against everything they had experienced.

The women filled the media and social networks, sharing their bad experiences, generating debate and conversation around this situation that we had assumed as a fact of life.

And the results were amazing

8,000+ women registered

At over 400 points in Spain

€ 7.5+ MM of PR VALUE

150 MM organic hits

But the most important outcome: Thanks to Synchronised, they finally started talking about the problems and hassles women face when doing sport simply due to being women, such as the time of day, the place or the clothing they wear.