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We live hooked to our phone and social media, so much so that sometimes we're not aware of a reality that's much closer to home and silenced; that of millions of people in social exclusion who are fighting for a life with dignity. With the Syrian Civil War, the amount of people in that situation has reached up to 767 million.

Because of this, together with Médicos del Mundo, we have had to invent the new SIRIA, technology: an app with Emotional Intelligence that is able to simulate conversations with homeless people. What's the aim? To catch the attention of the media and the public and to connect to a forgotten problem once more.

In the first phase we wanted to give the feeling that the SIRIA technology was real, so on 30 November 2017 we sent a press release, we spread videos of experts from the University of Alcalá and we launched the website with a technological aspect where journalists and the public could sign up to be among the first to try the app.

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On 13 December 2017 we unveiled the video campaign, staring some of the people that were interested in trying the app. We recorded their reactions when they discovered that the intelligence hidden behind the new technology was in fact real, displaced people. This same day we sent a press release to the media and the web page transformed, telling the stories of homeless people. Because there is no technology that is able to portray emotion in the way that a true story can.

This way we were able to ensure that our reality does not hide theirs.

Behind the voice of the virtual assistant were men and women in situations of social exclusion. Through voice recognition, the app transcribed and gave a robotic voice to what they were saying, giving the impression that the technology was real. When the conversation reached its climax, the truth was revealed and the people behind SIRIA were unveiled on screen.

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