Take a moment to live


Early start in the morning, not going to make it, not going to make it. Meeting, always in a big hurry. Gym, not going to make it, not going to make it. We have given life such a rhythm that makes it very difficult to enjoy it.

And not because we don't do things, but because we do them so quickly that it is impossible for us to enjoy them entirely. With this insight in our minds, the concept of Schweppes was born: Take a moment to live, with which we try to remind you that the best thing in life is not to do many things, but to enjoy each and every one of them.



This uncovered hero is the materialization of a dream. The human representation of what would happen if someone decided for a year to do whatever he wanted.

A 360º campaign around a person who found his place on a terrace and decided to take a moment to live on it for a year. We are not saying that his way of life is the best, we are saying that (as long as you take a moment to live) the best way of life is yours, mine, his and anyone else's.

The place for our campaign was the street, the same place were you can find the terraces. That's why we developed graphics that coexist with the heat of summer and make you want to go and cool down with a tonic on its own or mixed. These graphics were made with an intention, the most beautiful of all, that when people saw them they would decide to change their responsibilities to enjoy a tonic and a ray of sunshine while leaving their minds blank. It's nice, isn't it?

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Did we already tell you this was 360°?


A concept so loaded with good vibes had to be expanded. So we generated pieces for social networks and the internet, to make sure no one started the summer without getting the message.
And, since we don't like to be annoying either, we gave people digital tools like stickers, hashtags and so on so that they could expand the concept themselves.


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If there's one thing we like, it's gadgets.


That's why we didn't miss the opportunity to turn the digital mupis into geolocated mupis (instead of pointing out the cardinal points, it points out nearby terraces).

A fun and original way to invite you to take a moment to live on the most beautiful terraces, and those we know you can enjoy easily a Schweppes. Brilliant.

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