Tampons from Canada

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Did you know that women pay the same tax as caviar for a product that they must buy due to ovaries? However, in Canada the tax is 0%. No way. So, it would be cheaper for us to order them from Canada than to buy them at the corner market. This observation was how Tampons from Canada came about, an initiative to place the hugest order for tampons from Canada ever seen before (and to condemn this injustice).

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We bleed enough… don’t let them bleed us more!

We women couldn’t just keep our legs crossed and, if someone can change this situation, it’s politicians. So we started our crusade with a digital campaign.
We launched a video inviting all women to be part of this huge tampon order via a website linked directly to change.org to sign for this cause.
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Taking advantage of election time, we addressed the main political leaders – by their names and surnames – to include them in the conversation and get them to modify the tax in their programmes.

We were on TV!

People joined forces and shared the news, which was all over the media and most importantly: we managed to get the politicians’ attention and became part of their speeches.

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Women in Cadiz were talking about ‘that boat full of tampons coming from Canada…’ WTF

A very small campaign that had a very big impact.

In short, a massive order of tampons from Canada we had hoped to never have to make that ended up changing the lives of every last woman.