The best of us

La Casera

La Casera, which turned 70 in 2019, hired us for their summer campaign and as there was a lot to communicate, we began by creating a new concept that would sum up what the brand has come to symbolise after all these years: to enjoy ourselves as we please, to huddle together around a table to eat, to dance, to evolve without losing our essence, to laugh, to have fun... What is, actually: the best of us.

A spot that brings together the best things about our summer to which we now add a new product: Distinto La Casera, made with Verdejo wine.

Just as La Casera has reinvented the tinto de verano, we’ve reinvented the ad campaign on social networks with pieces expressly designed for each medium, instead of adapting the spot.

We conceived and recorded pieces in digital formats to show how La Casera, at its venerable age of 70, can still cut it on social media.

The summer is for drinking to
new things and for new things.

In stories, we’ve used gifs,
dramatic pauses, emojis... everything! And in netspeak.

Our groan-worthy jokes are also
the best of us.

The arrival of summer’s always a pleasure, but to herald its coming with the campaign launch of a brand such as La Casera makes it even more special. That, and all the Distinto made with Verdejo wine that we got to take home with us.