The energy of the people


From EDwhat to EDP. A four-year love story with a happy ending of building a solid brand that managed to position EDP as one of the main energy operators in our country.

The people-centric energy company relied on us to launch their brand and continue to build a lasting, long-term relationship for years to come. And we can say that it was a crush at first sight.

  • ACPE Deporte y Superación
  • CdeC Anuario
  • CdeC Bronce
  • El Sol 3 Shortlist
  • Fundacom - Mejor Campaña de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa
  • Genio - Premio a la Innovación en el Diseño de Servicio
  • Ojo de Iberoamérica Bronce
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Our letter of introduction to the world


In what way could we tell Spain about an energy company with international soundness that takes human values to the fore? How could we show that we do things differently? Well, by telling people what no energy company had ever told them before: “Turn off the light”. A launch campaign in which we invited everyone to turn off the light to spark off their imagination, to forget everything related to the world of energy operators in order to discover something really different. A campaign to communicate our values (transparency, honesty, people at the centre) and positioning.

We could still do much more with the energy of the people


EDP was the official sponsor of running in Spain, and we realised that some of those runners needed extra energy. However, we also realised that there was another large group willing to share theirs. Share your energy was born with the premise that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is shared. This was the first platform to put guide runners in contact with blind runners to go out for a run.

A digital platform developed together with ONCE and FEDC that allowed people with the same personal bests, running areas and available schedule to get in touch and train together. A perfect match.
Olympic athlete Martín Fiz was the first to join as project ambassador. The 20 shots that he had to film with his eyes closed for the campaign helped him to get in the shoes of blind runners even more so.

Reaching the finish was most satisfying despite the stiffness. 2,000 people signed up in 6 months, 320 media appearances, +49 MM impressions, and we gave away race numbers to all the running partners who met on the platform. Additionally, it was adapted to other countries by popular request.

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Our relationship was growing stronger, and on our way to continue thinking about what is best for the customer, we carried out a study which gave us a piece of information that left us with a substantive poker face: more than half of the consumers have not chosen their energy company. They have been practically inheriting it. This was the seed for our second national campaign.

A spot that invited people to wake up and choose for themselves the energy they wanted to be and to live a life full of decisions and not inheritances.

Because inheriting El Cigala's head of hair or Chayanne's hip swing is all fine and well... but inheriting moody mornings or protruding ears is not so cool. If there is anything you can choose, go ahead and do it.

Despite being the most recognised brand in all races, we thought there was still a lot of energy to share.


A study we carried out with Runner's World showed what we suspected: 9 out of every 10 women feel harassed when they go out running alone. Once again, a large group of runners were facing a great obstacle on a daily basis, and there was a lot we could do about that. So Synchronised was born, a platform that connected women to go out running in a safer way.

We launched the platform with an intentionally misleading spot that conveyed that feeling of fear that many women experience when they go out for a run. The influencer Cristina Mitre was the great ambassador of this project, and she led a movement there was no coming back from.


Women filled the media and social networks by sharing their bad experiences and generating debates and conversations around the situation we had been normalising for so long.
We created training sessions and official races, and the women themselves became brand ambassadors by creating their own.
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The outcome was terrific

+11,000 women registered in over 400 locations in Spain

+500 meetups

€7.5 MM of PR VALUE

150 MM organic impacts


And most importantly: for the first time people began to talk about the problems a woman faces when going for a run alone.


Spoiler alert: a beautiful ending to this relationship


After 4 years with a people-based positioning and telling our clients "you are the source of energy that challenges us to continue doing things differently", we managed to gain visibility in the industry and move from being EDwhat? to being:



  1. Leaders in electricity and gas marketing with over 2 million contracts spread throughout Spain.
  2. Leaders in brand satisfaction, ahead of the large energy companies.
  3. The electricity company that generates the highest preference, recommendation and consideration, ahead of the three major Spanish electricity companies.