The Handmaid’s Tale


The anxiously-awaited time finally came that many fans were waiting for. Finally, the fourth season of the series The Handmaid’s Tale was premiering on HBO Europe. The series of the famous women with red hoods, slaves of a totalitarian (and dystopic) society, had become a paradigm of sorority in the feminist battle season after season. But, four seasons are no mean feat, and interest in the series had waned.  So, they called us to make a lot of advertising noise – which is our raison d’être – and we got down to it.

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Gilead or reality?


If there’s something that all the fans of the series have thought at least once is that what happens in the Republic of Gilead could end up really happening. And that’s why we created a campaign that asked everyone to ponder the thin line separating reality and fiction (now more than ever).

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Truth is stranger than fiction


What’s true is that the present day made it really easy for us. A time of pandemic with all types of restrictions and topics like gender equality, maternity and freedom of expression exploding in Spanish media due to the political confrontation the country experienced (concretely Madrid with the heated elections of 4 May). All hot topics you’d be hard pressed to say whether they were in Gilead or in the real world. A bona fide match!

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A revolution (in the series and on the street)

In the last season, the handmaids’ revolution against Gilead was the main storyline, so on the street we managed to capture fans’ attention by making them feel like they were part of this battle.
Messages nobody could ignore flooded the streets and social media, making everyone talk about the new season, and not only about the pandemic and politics (the virgin!).
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Mother, isn’t there more than one?


And on top of that, Mother’s Day coincided with the campaign launch date… Oh, ladies! The perfect occasion to keep lighting the red flame with a banner that clashed with the rest. The two female leads were depicted on it, who, on the series both proclaimed they were the only mother of the same daughter.

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Not only banners have advertising

We wanted to make people feel that Gilead had returned and we did it by appearing in all the media sources that we could with segmented messages to put themselves in the skin of a supressed woman without freedom.
On the metro, in digital newspapers, in different e-shops and even in the content of the female YouTubers with the largest audiences, who could not even work in this or any other profession (besides giving birth!) in Gilead.

Well, we got people talking and engaged, and we did it really well, here in Spain and in part of Europe.