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Success is an attitude is the war cry of this campaign. And a success is that Puig chose us to be the agency responsible for the digital global campaign for The Icon, the new fragrance from Antonio Banderas. Yes, lady, the very same guy who said “te quiero una jartá” (I love you loads).

Knowing that your campaign has to be understood in places as different and diverse as Russia, Brazil and South Africa was a huge challenge. Because, in case you didn’t know, Antonio Banderas’ perfumes are on sale in more than 13 markets and in places like Russia and Latin America they are a huge sensation. Now with The Icon the brand has added more fuel to the fire and expanded its portfolio with a fragrance destined to conquer the heart and the sense of smell of a younger crowd.

In order to seduce this new target, we developed a digital campaign in which, through distinct phases and little by little, we introduced the new perfume, and in which we also fleshed out the slogan Success is an Attitude, embodied by the two heroes of the campaign: Antonio Banderas and Mario Casas. Sigh.

Success was the common thread of the campaign. But we’re not talking about the stuffy old-fashioned success of the 90s; we wanted to convey a new definition of success, more current and less boomer. So what could be better than two successful guys like Antonio Banderas and Mario Casas telling us what this success thing means to them.

The result is shown in this manifesto piece, where Success is an attittude is no longer in need of translation.

A very successful series

If, as Antonio Banderas says, success is having a good time while you achieve it, both they and we are experts in that. So we decided to have plenty of fun with a campaign of content, which would allow us to get to know more about our heroes and while we’re at it convey the values that The Icon stands for.
This turned into The Success Series, with three episodes, in which Antonio Banderas and Mario Casas faced distinct challenges, such as guessing what the other one would choose, answering questions from users and discovering their hidden talents.

All these campaign pieces redirected to a website, where we introduced the perfume with all its notes of fragrance and colour, which, in addition, served as a HUB for all the content. Come on, if you want to immerse yourself fully in what The Icon is, this website has to be in your favourites.

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Always In around the world


Throughout the whole year and around the entire terrestrial world, the main campaign pieces haven’t been alone, they’ve been complimented with an intense content plan, in which we haven’t left out any single format.

For us, success will always mean being happy, which is way cooler, but always with attitude and coming up with campaigns like this one.