The longest ad in the world

Asociación DMD

If it’s hard for us to watch a 10-second pre-roll ad, just imagine how hard it must be to have to watch the same thing over and over again, for years. That’s what our campaign for the Right to Die with Dignity association (DMD in Spanish) is about. To show the living reality of thousands of persons who are relegated to a bed for the rest of their lives. We did it with a 25-hour record video.

A documentary where NOTHING happens.

A long take from the perspective of a sick person in a bed, which shows the little or nothing that happens in their daily lives. Irrespective of when you entered, the feeling was the same.
People entered the website without knowing what they were going to find, and the average time they could bear to watch the video without trying to stop it, was 15 seconds.
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When people tried to stop the video, we hit them with the message.

Even if it was only for a few seconds, we did manage to get people to experience what terminally ill patients go through. To share it and mobilise for those who can’t, by signing the petition at

A very intense experience that defends the freedom of individuals to decide when and how they wish to end their lives, and brings people closer to this terrible reality.