The streets are still empty


During the COVID19 confinement, we were all shocked by the images of our empty streets. But the truth is that this image has been experienced for many years in more than 5,400 Spanish villages, in depopulated Spain. So we took advantage of this new situation to show a forgotten problem, dusting off photographs of empty municipalities years ago.

Through this campaign, launched a few days after the confinement, in collaboration with documentary photographers, we show how #LasCallesSiguenVacías. Seeing empty squares, businesses and even parks is a sad reality that occurs daily in 54% of the national territory. We denounce the situation of depopulation in the villages, and encourage people to live in them again in this context where sustainable living alternatives such as teleworking are being considered.

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As a result of this campaign, which was carried out with a total investment of 0 euros, a social debate was initiated, which resulted in television, press and radio reports in regional and generalist media. And what is better, our village was on TV.

Total appearances: 45

Advertising value: 1.294.611 €

Audience impacts: 13.513.390

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