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Time Travel Agency

Cafés La Estrella

There are some great traditions that have been lost simply due to the passage of time. Since we don?t like this rationale, we decided to do open up a special place where we could bring back these lost cultural treasures. First we came up with the 1887 Movement, and under that concept we opened up the first Time Travel Agency in the world. It was a place where you could travel through time without moving, where we could gather together all those great traditions that have been all but forgotten. The Time Travel Agency was installed for a month in the Olavide Plaza of Madrid on the border between the Malasaña and Chamberí neighborhoods. You could take one or several of a varying selection of trips or other special offers throughout the month the agency was running. That way our memories could become something more. They could become things we could touch, sense and even taste.

  • El Sol de bronce