La Casera

Born in 1949 and considered the most loved food and beverage brand in our country, La Casera has always been a sugar-free soft drink, and this characteristic is the keystone of our campaign, all of this in one of our most popular settings: outdoors and in the company of our people.

Together one day between two...


For this project, we've worked on two versions of the musical theme "Juntos" - popularized by Paloma San Basilio in the 80s - with the collaboration of the singer Edurne. We claim that despite its 71 years of life, La Casera continues to be a brand in line with a consumer who demands healthier and more natural refreshments.


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"one day, that which you already knew, you like more than ever"


In the middle of the project's launch, something happens that very few people, except Bill Gates, had on their radar, a pandemic... And in this new status quo in which we were immersed, Together becomes a totemic concept, because like you, we want to continue enjoying the best of what we have, TOGETHER.
This is how we embarked on developing a second version of the theme Together, appealing to the best moments that are yet to come.


We leave you here the lyrics of the whole song in case you want to join this cosmic energetic Karaoke.


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