Water Guardians

Suntory Schweppes

Schweppes Suntory has a very clear philosophy: Mizu To Ikiru. This Japanese purpose focuses on the care of water, one of the planet's most precious natural resources. Suntory is water, people are water, and this is what we had to transmit in a different way to all its employees.

Our Roles

Water Guardians
No one like them to protect
their most precious asset.

A documentary project that fully immerses the spectator in Suntory's DNA through a visual and narrative story where water and people become the same element: we are strong, transparent, changing and above all, we flow.

A realization directed by director Juan Rayos that led us to discover the most shocking corners of Spain where water is born, travels and dies to be born again.

Imagen Imagen

Mizu To Ikiru, or how to invite everyone to be part of a real change.