We know what we want

La Casera

How many people do you know who don’t like beer? And how many who end up ordering it due to group pressure or just out of habit? Maybe you’re one of them! There are more options for an aperitif before lunch and drinks in the afternoon. A little bit of variety, madam! Our new campaign for Tinto de Verano La Casera and La Casera Distinto with Vino Verdejo has arrived to make it clear that you don’t always have to order the same thing and that at La Casera WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT.

We’re not craaaaazy

A song as great as the campaign


Look out, because Tinto de Verano La Casera isn’t the only star of this spot: there’s the Familia Carmona too. Yes, yes, Antonio Carmona & Company, who alongside the musical director of C. Tangana himself, Víctor Martínez, has made a version of the classic “No estamos lokos” (We’re not Crazy) by Ketama so that you can’t help doing a few handclaps watching the ad. Bravo!


The ad begins with a situation we’ve all been in, in a bar. A guy orders a beer and the barman looks at his mate expecting him to say “another one for me”. But our hero KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS and orders a Tinto de Verano La Casera, breaking the custom.
That’s when the music and the fun start, showing us all those situations in which beer and Tinto de Verano La Casera can live together perfectly. From a Tuesday get-together in a bar, or drinks on a terrace, to a weekend barbecue with your friends.
Imagen Imagen

Well, you have a La Casera Distinto with verdejo wine or a Tinto de Verano La Casera 0.0, options… we have loads! In more than 20 pieces for TV and digital that we’ve released, and in the graphics we’ve designed for outdoors, we introduce our entire range of products. If anyone hasn’t found out it’s because they don’t want to, madam!

And I’ll loooook for… Your tag on TikTok and Instagram


At La Casera we are very from here, but we also love chit-chat. We want to know if people know what they want or not and that’s why we’ve created interactive pieces on TikTok and Instagram so that people can express themselves freely. Thumbs down if you like this idea!

We know what we want… And that now you have the song going round in your head. Sorry.