In an increasingly volatile world, with hundreds of offers and platforms available to the user, LaLiga wanted to claim its place as an entertainment benchmark.

And quite rightly, since it is not just any show, but THE SHOW in capitals, with millions of fans from all over the planet experiencing our football glued to the Internet, the TV set or the radio set every weekend.

We had a great product, the best in its class, we only had to raise it to the level it deserved.

For this reason, international actor Álex González stars in the campaign centrepiece. An ambitious spot in which the actor appears in the filming of major series and films to present LaLiga as the show that 90 seasons later continues to offer the most intense emotions that can be enjoyed on screens around the world.

Come along and watch these 60 seconds in which we present the product without even mentioning it.

After all, LaLiga and Game of Thrones may have had more in common than we thought. In both worlds we can see shields, warring houses, love, heartbreaks, multiple plots, unexpected endings... But we had a differentiating element: LaLiga is the only live blockbuster in which there is no risk of spoilers because the outcome is always unpredictable.

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The campaign was shown in 183 different countries. From Russia to the United States, stopping by in Mongolia or Greenland. In Spain, additionally to television, the campaign was shown on the digital channel and outdoors.
What's more, we challenged the other entertainment platforms on their own playing field by displaying a giant canvas at Puerta del Sol.
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#HayQueVivirla is the umbrella concept for this campaign, which is just the beginning of a new strategy that seeks to reposition LaLiga as an entertainment brand, capable of generating unique emotions that cannot be experienced with other content.

Football is madness for those who love it and for those who hate it. Holy madness.

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ElClásico was drawing near. The greatest entertainment product in the world deserved to dress up for the occasion, rivalling the Oscars and the Emmys. So we invited everyone to the biggest premiere of the year, which included a red carpet that had never been seen before.

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Sydney, Delhi, Dushanbe, London, Dakar, New York and Cartagena de Indias woke up with a huge red carpet announcing the world premiere of ElClásico.

A red carpet designed for everyone (and not just for the stars) with a message on it that read: Everyone is invited to the premiere of the year.
Regardless of whether you are Z or Boomer, from Colombia or India, supporting one team or another, ElClásico has the power to unite us all.

A very simple street action that attracted the attention of media outlets from around the world and that continued to position LaLiga as the leading entertainment brand. Come and see:


Initial investment: 91K / Means earned: 4.2M euros.

164 news items talking about us

20 countries and a potential coverage of 450 million.

+1M impacts / +100K engagement