Compromising Clothing

Amnistía Internacional


We created a clothing line that besides revealing several cases of human rights violation would also contribute to eradicate them. The campaign consisted in a collection of clothing pieces that if you wore in certain countries, you could be harassed, arrested or even murdered. Clothes that at Amnesty's online store would cost you a few euros and in certain countries could cost you everything. A catwalk, a video, a website and an outdoor print circuit supported the campaign.

The world’s most expensive clothing had its own promotional video. Its protagonists were professional contemporary dancers such as Pedro J. Berdayës, national dance champion.
  • ADC*D de plata
  • Cannes de bronce
  • cdec anuario
  • cdec de oro
  • El Sol de bronce
  • Goliads de oro
  • Inspirational de bronce