Strektic Center


Case, Viral, Event

Our goal was to turn the preview screening of the new Star Trek movie into a great experience thanks to Vodafone. The campaign gave the audience the opportunity to go to the cinema transformed into real Trekkies by customizing their look at the Trekkie beauty centre: Strektic Center.

We launched a viral campaign showing the centre’s intergalactic treatments and redirecting the audience to a website. There, they could get a ticket and book an appointment at Strektic Center on the day of the screening. In this way, we turned the cinemas into makeshift film sets from which we greeted the world with a great: Live long and prosper

We turned the preview screening of the last Star Trek movie hosted by Vodafone for its customers into an intergalactic event by creating the first Trekkie beauty centre: Strektic Center. Don’t miss the promotional video we made for our centre. Even the director himself, J.J. Abrams, approved the work, but not before asking about our sanity.